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It's a true wonder!

Magda Zanchetta

Total assistant is a wonderful acquisition for any translator.

Tarcisio Goes, Sworn Translator since 1977

I love using my Total Assistant to calculate my lines and characters. It saves SO much time.

Cindy Brown, Medical Transcriptionist

Total Assistant is a great help with my work as translator.

Martha Rosemberg

Total Assistant has become an invaluable tool in allowing us to be more productive.

Bianca Clark. Director of Operations

I'm very pleased with Total Assistant. It is more accurate in word count than other tools.

Francesco Villani - Freelancer

Total Assistant is a cost-effective tool for translators

Ariella Germinario-Lingenthal ITI, IoL

It's saved me a great deal of time

Beate Pause, B P Translations

Five stars from file transit